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Classes offered Fall 2024

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“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.”

 -Kate DiCamillo

Physical Education

Through games and activities, Students gain spatial awareness, locomotion, catching, throwing, and strategies. Students will learn to stay active as part of a healthy lifestyle. We also work on team building and sportsmanship abilities to provide an all-inclusive PE program. Message me for more information and availability. 




Schedule: TBA




Pricing: TBA


Little Lights
Forest Pre-K /Kindergarten

The Dragonfly Hill and Foxfire Woods & Farm are offering a  Little Lights Forest Pre-K/Kindergarten class for 3.5-6-year-olds. Class will meet on Wednesdays, 9-1 at Foxfire Woods & Farm located in Nicholson Ga. 

What Can We Expect? 

Fun nature-inspired exploration that will encourage a joy of learning in your child. Students will gain readiness skills, problem-solving, and realize cause and effect while developing empathy, kindness, and gratitude in an environment immersed in nature. They will discover, and grow through intentional and free-play experiences. Let’s play in the dirt, and let curiosity be our guide.  


Fall Semester covers 12 weeks starting September 4th. 


Fun with Experiments

Most children start out curious and excited about the world around them. We explore that world with science. Students will learn that science is fun, not just educational. 



Arts and Crafts

Explore and create in different mediums. Art stimulates the brain and helps to lead to a well-rounded learning experience.